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Marinduque Island: The Traveler Best Destination

Marinduque a heart-shaped island in the southern region of Tagalog. Known for religious tourist attractions during the Lenten seasons. The province made waves in the tourism industry. The colorful, strange event called the Moriones Festival, besides religious occasions. They know the island as an alternative destination to Boracay and Palawan. Beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful caves, unspoiled diving sites, and vibrant hot springs. Most Philippine travel guides, it includes this place in the list of recommended resorts, called Marinduque.


Marinduque is in the geographic center of the Philippines. The province covers an area of ​​952.6 square kilometers in the south and west of Quezon City. The east of Mindoro Island, and north of Romblon. More or less 230,000 people lived in 2007, most of which depended on agriculture and fishing for their livelihoods. We know Marinduqueños for its hospitality and friendliness. First-time visitors often greeted by bright smiles and relaxing Pudong, a traditional song and dance ceremony performed by locals. In some areas of the island, Putong (also known as tubong). Means to crown guests. Honorable people with decorated flowers or garlands. This practice has increased Marinduque’s appeal to local and foreign tourists.

Compared it to other travel destinations in the archipelago. Reaching Marinduque not that troublesome. Some local airlines offer direct flights from Manila to Marinduque several times a week. As a travel tip, please book in advance to avoid any inconvenience. For tourists afraid of flying, there are buses and boats to the province. Holy Week, the best time to go to Marinduque.


The province has all the systems of the Moriones Festival. A parade highlighted this event. People were God-fearing, people taking part in colorful masks and costumes. To imitate the masks and costumes of Roman soldiers in the Bible. The principal attraction of the festival. A performance in which the blind soldier Longinus pierced the wound of Jesus with a spear. The blood on the wound restored his vision.

Marinduque an ideal place for beach lovers. It scatters the island with pristine white sandy beaches and quiet islands. Which are ideal for swimming and other water entertainment activities. Like snorkeling, windsurfing, and diving? The provincial capital Boac is famous for the white sands of Poctoy Beach. The beach on Maniwaya Island in Santa Cruz is not to miss.

Marinduque Islands

Accommodation ranges from the simplest to the most luxurious. Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa is one of Marinduque’s famous holiday homes. It is on an enclosed island, only minutes away from the mainland. Its location makes the resort an ideal place for travelers seeking to escape the troubles of city life.

Traveler Best Guide

As people’s interest in the natural world grew stronger, Marin Duque joined the trend of advocating “green”. The province promoted the Philippines’ premier eco-tourism destination. The must-see sanctuaries and sanctuaries on the island include the Balagbag Mountains, Tres Reyes Marine Sanctuary, and Malindig Volcano. Tourists are too unlikely to bore in Marinduque. Caving enthusiasts can explore the Bathala caves in Santa Cruz and the Tarug caves in Mogpog. While travelers who wish to recharge their bodies. They can soak in the Malbog hot springs in Buenavista.

Adventure Accommodations

Front of property
Bunk Room

Freedom Eco Adventure Park, Marinduque, Philippines

Superior Double Room
2 outdoor pools
Daily local cuisine breakfast for a fee

There are many things to do in Marinduque, no surprise that the province is close to the heart of travelers. The Philippines is your travel partner. We provide destination information, how to get there, what to do in the area, and more! A beach or mountain destination, an underwater destination, a place in the middle of the city center. Please give it a name, the Philippines might include it

Resort Accommodations

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deluxe queen room

Luxor Resort and Restaurant, Marinduque, Philippines

meeting room
deluxe twin room

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