Best City Tour Philippines

The Best City Tour Puerto Princesa, and more, the Philippines

The Best City Tour Puerto Princesa, and more, the Philippines. Palawan is one of the most precious tourist destinations in the country. Only in Puerto Princesa, local and foreign tourists can visit many beautiful places, from natural wonders to artificial attractions. If you want both, visit the Puerto Princesa City Tour. This tour highlights the […]

Bacau Bay Resort Coron Palawan

Explore the Best of Bacau Bay Resort Coron

If you have been to Bacau Bay Resort Coron. Then you will know that there is something on the island that makes you want to stay longer. It has stunning views of the Coron island of Palawan in the north. No wonder why they call the Philippines the “last ecological border.” Its white sandy beaches […]

Luzon Palawan

Palawan: Best Places and Hotels in Luzon Philippines

Without a beautiful beach, it is impossible to complete a visit to the Philippines. Nothing is better than the Palawan Seascape. This is an impressive island that receives many visitors throughout the year. He has participated in numerous international surveys. Television shows, and publications and has become one of the most beautiful islands in the […]