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marinduque island

Marinduque Island: Explore the Best 6 Attractions

Marinduque Island is a province in the Philippines, known for its unique Morions Music Festival. Tourists, locals, and foreigners flock to the island to take part in the colorful parade. The locals dressed in Morion costumes and masks.

They also know the province for its multi-billion-dollar mining industry in the 1960s. Which caused an accident that brought the mining industry to a standstill. This has also caused significant damage to the environment and the people of the island. With pending litigation with the multi-million dollar company responsible for the disaster, Marinduque is recovering. Although tourism is not the major source of your economy, it should.

This is my opinion on the top 5 attractions in Marinduque.

(1) Diving, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of one or all of Tres Reyes Island:
Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar.

(2) Explore the Bathala Caves in Santa Cruz:
Get a local guide and tour the damp and brave caves where bats and pythons inhabit. It involves some climbing.

(3) Immerse in the therapeutic water of the Malbog Hot Springs in Buenavista:
We will learn it can treat health problems such as migraine and skin asthma.

Marinduque Island

(4) Pass through the old town of Marinduque:
Enjoy the culture in the old stone house. The locals call it “Bahay na Bato”. There are also several ancient churches on the island, and the Boac Cathedral is an important national historical monument.

Resorts Accommodation

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Marinduque Island, Borawan Island Resort by Cocotel

glamping tent for two
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(5) Enjoy the Santorini-style Bella Roca limousine built on Koh Chang:
It provides first-class facilities such as golf, spa, yoga, infinity pool, and various water sports. At last,

Hotel Accommodation

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standard room-guest room
Guest room

Balar Hotel and Spa, Marinduque, Philippines

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(6) Buy souvenirs or “pasalubong” from local handicraft manufacturers and Tejano’s famous uraros:
The island of Marinduque can reach through multiple ports, and the plane can also reach it through Gasan Airport. There are also bus companies that take you to Marinduque by ferry.

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Hostel Accommodation

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executive lounge

Joey’s Crib Beach Hostel, Marinduque, Philippines

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Photo by Amor Tan Singco on Unsplash