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  • The Philippines Luzon: Northern and Southern

    The Philippines Luzon: Northern and Southern

    Northern Luzon North of Manila, the enclave of Luzon charms visitors with wonderful mountainous regions and volcanic landscapes. A magnificent coastline studded with wonderful shores. Heading the west coast from Subic, the Zambales coast is studded with turned-back resorts. While the Lingayen Gulf was the Hundred Islands-based, a darling weekend visit from Manila. Somewhat along…

  • Ilocos Norte, Philippines

    Ilocos Norte, Philippines

    Located on the northwestern corner of Luzon. Ilocos Norte has become a holiday destination. With its impressive coastline and beautiful terrain. In this progressive province and historical structure, the impact and integration of old and new are proud of developed regions. Ilocos Norte known for the hometown of Ferdinand Marcos, the oldest president of the…