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Ilocos Sur Filipino culture: Finds the old reflections in northern Philippines

For intrepid adventurers who love the ocean and local Filipino culture and haven’t been to the Philippines. Ilocos Sur is waiting for you to meet them. Located just north of Luzon, the largest island in the Philippine archipelago. The region comprises 7,100 islands and is accessible by plane in an hour from Manila’s main gate.

Most travelers take the bus from Manila for the most affordable travel. They prefer to endure at least a 10-hour bus trip. Or drive through the maze of state and municipal highways in the Philippine highway system. You will pass and observe picturesque and growing settlements at various stages of development in Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Pangasinan.

If you’re short on time, opt for a more comfortable but more expensive option. By flying out of Manila and landing at Laoag International Airport, a 2.5-hour drive from Vigan. Rent a car to take you to the other half of Ilocos (called “Ilocos Norte”). You can look forward to a more comprehensive and fascinating tour covering the entire Ilocos region. Combine “north” and “south,” or the Spanish words for north and south.

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The Filipino Culture

Visit Ilocos Sur for a clear picture that offers reflections and nuances of northern Filipino culture. Much of which is unobservable in the urbanized Metro Manila in the National Capital Region display. Ilocos Sur has no major cities within its area, unlike the almost traditional cities in other areas outside Metro Manila. With a tiny population compared to the 12 million people living and working in Metro Manila. They still considered Ilocos Sur very provincial. However, the province is far from letting tourists and residents feel less enthusiastic about life. Ilocos Sur is one of the best options for you in the Philippines. If you want to live a life that goes beyond the many factors that define a quality life.

Example: inspect the many Filipinos who have tasted what it’s like to live and work abroad. But have spent their retirement years in Ilocos Sur. You will meet and communicate with a diverse group of proud and learned Filipino culture and members of the elite. Who is more and more regularly in touch with their more humble peers? These elites own most of the commercial land in the province. They are among the most educated people in the province. In recent years, those who worked abroad have joined them and lived the tradition of Filipino culture. You can see how many of these retirees are proud of their designed homes in typical and humble homes. You will find Filipino culture complete with an interesting and changing natural and man-made landscape in the area.

The Philippines

Food remains an important but underrated reason to visit Ilocos Sur. Something wild, bold, crafty, and fresh comes to mind when you try local food. In your mind, Ilocos’ food complements a regular and healthy diet. When you eat it for the first time, “not so tasty” comes to mind. But the extensive use of the food available prepares the local food found in Ilocos Sur. Abundant in the surrounding local community offers an opportunity for true home cooking. Try the authentic “pinakbet,” which is made with steamed vegetables, seasoned with anchovies. Served with roast pork or fish for the last few minutes before it’s done cooking. Also try their “bagnet”, or the fried pork version that tastes better than you’ve tried before.

Local varieties of tomatoes, garlic, onions, eggplants, and bitter gourd are plentiful, bringing a variety of flavor nuances to your palate. They enjoy better than those found and grown. Balsamic vinegar and anchovies from the region also taste better. For example, their sourced pork tastes meatier. empanadas are a “must-have” snack in the region, an example of the Hispanic influence on cuisine. If you have the chance. Inspect how a typical family member in Ilocos Sur prepares meals in a quick, unpretentious way. They made them from fresh ingredients (see “malunggay, saluyot, ar-arosit or fresh seaweed”). Good to know that the locals even grow their grapes in this part of the Philippines. Come now to the Philippines and find out how great the Filipino culture is.

Ilocos Province

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Photo by Kylle Pangan on Unsplash