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Ilocos Sur Great Places of Worship

Ilocos Sur Great Places of Worship, the Church of Santa Maria or “Church of the Assumption”. A UNESCO heritage site as one of the 4 Baroque churches in the Philippines. This places of worship has featured in many Filipino films, including the late Fernando Poe, Jr. (National Artist of the Philippines) starred, and produced. The Vigan Cemetery also has “Simbaan a Bassit” (or Ilocano for “The Little Church”). That reminds you of some old Spanish churches in New Mexico or California.

The bell tower of the Baan Tai Church (“Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity”). Which is found on a hill seen on the way to Vigan. Or as shown in a video somewhere was hundreds of years ago. It was used as a watchtower to plunder pirates who would capture natives for the slave trade in other lands. Try to get permission from the church administrator to enter the tower and get to the highest platform. You’ll get a kaleidoscopic view of the sea and the nearby Hispanic city of Vigan from different angles.

Old Spanish style building
The provincial capital, Vigan, was the seat of the domain of the Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo. Whose siege began in 1572 and has been designated a UNESCO heritage site. Stroll through its remaining cobblestone streets lined with ancestral stone houses. Some of which have now-rare hardwood structures on upper floors, leaving a lasting impression. For generations, many of the houses have been the residences of established Chinese business people who have intermarried with locals. Some of their homes are still remnants of the wealth earned and amassed during the Spanish period. When tobacco was the main agricultural product in this part of the Philippines.

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Places of Worship

Visit the branch of the National Museum (it is the ancestral home of the Crisologo family). Where you will learn about symbols of Ilocano culture. Including many memorabilia from famous Filipino heroes. You find tourists go to Ilocos Sur because they have heard a lot of many places of worship in Vigan. One of the best-preserved Hispanic communities where people still live, work and pray. Even with the Spanish colonists leftover a hundred years ago. Given some people’s tendency to destroy anything that reminds them of the past. Such a site surprises weary travelers because it’s so well-preserved to this day. However, Vigan isn’t just about the past and the old. It’s also about the latest nooks and crannies that appeal to some. It seems, to those who travel with a strong desire to learn about local culture and places of worship.

Visit the unspoiled coastline of the region facing the South China Sea. Apatot Beach in San Esteban, for example, is just off the coast. With the island’s reef formation and a dilapidated lookout tower. Narvacan beach in Sulvec offers openings for dramatic and romantic scenes with its rock formations on the coast. You can see another old lookout tower in the city that makes for an interesting photo backdrop. Also, check out the beaches of Santiago and Candon and the fine white sands of Cabugao.

Ilocos Sur

Lesser-Known Attractions
On the province’s eastern front, observe the shapes of mountains, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls. From the city of Candon, use public transport to explore the provincial and elevated cities. Including Lidlidda, San Emilio, Banayoyo, Quirino, Salcedo, Gregorio del Pilar (former Concepción) and Cervantes. It may come as a surprise to those who have always lived in the city. Communities and places worship of ethnic minorities from other inland provinces settled here long ago.

Prosperous, and still following unique cultural practices that were once underappreciated and unknown to most Filipinos, they maintained a down-to-earth lifestyle. From these communities, you can venture to other provinces in the Luzon Mountains. They include the provinces of Quirino and Isabela. Note that many of the communities here are descendants of tribes. Who practiced headhunting after World War II before the American period ended in the Philippines.


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