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What to See Caramoan Camarines Sur, Philippines: Strategies For Travelers

The Grotto of Our Lady Most Holy Rosary of Caramoan a great place for the tourists, Catholic pilgrims. Go for 524 steps to view the high 26 images of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can enjoy the panorama of Caramoan from the sky.
Visit Tan’s Awan Park City, Bula witnesses survivors of the 35-foot statue of Queen of the Family. A perfect set to have good views on the territory.

These biblical churches of Camarines Sur are great symbols of the province. At the Township of st. John the Evangelista, known as the Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga. It’s the current headquarters of the Catholic Archdiocese in Cáceres. Its original foundation built-in the 1590’s.

The city of Calabanga is the Church of Quipayo. The built the year 1570’s, one of the oldest churches in Camarines Sur has a spectacular view of red bricks.
The parish church, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary city of Bombón. Famous for its bell tower, comparable to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Natural attractions

The coastal destination of Caramoan

The coastal destination of Caramoan so pleasant. This tropical paradise inhabited by the many Virgin Islands. The remarkable scene of many editions of an international reality show on Survivor. Other islands that need to explore are the Wonderful Island and the Island of Lagos. They contain white sand beaches and sky-blue waters. The Taytay lagoon needs if you want to swim in the emerald water.

What to See Caramoan Camarines Sur, Philippines: Strategies For Travelers

The coastal destination of Caramoan so pleasant. This tropical paradise inhabited by the many Virgin Islands. Remarkable scene of many editions of int’l…

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Monte Isarog National Park good for nature trips. The protected section includes the honorable Mr. Walking. Goes up to 2,000 meters above sea level and the rivers of Malabsay and Nabuntulan.

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The Lake Life city of Iriga home to the smallest species of a fish called the hut. Next to this great lake, the Twin Falls for those who want to swim in freshwater. Lake Bato, a city with the same name, is a good place for bird watching.

What to See Camarines Sur, Philippines

The caves of the province are superb for caving. Check the unique stone formations of the Adiangao Cave. Found from the city of San José or the rocks living the Umang Cave in Caramoan.

Attractions made by humans Camarines Sur is one of the best places in the country. The Camsur Watersports Complex in Pili is a center for wakeboarding, water skiing. Every year, it attracts local and foreign sports enthusiasts in the water. To host international tournaments, the complex has other amusement parks, swimming pools, skate parks, and quad bikes. Naga Ecological Park is a must for nature trips. Found from the base of Mt. Isarog, the park has many nature-related attractions, including the labyrinth of gardens.

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Meantime, go to Panicuason Hot Springs Resort if you want to relax in warm waters. The complex has plenty of water pools for a therapeutic bath. It offers exciting sporting attractions, zip lining by bike. Events and Feasts, the city’s parties, and the city of Camarines Sur activities conducted. Such as the Tinagba Festival of the Iriga City and the Bow-Bowman Festival of Nabua.

Camarines Sur, Philippines: Strategies For Travelers

Naga Peñafrancia Festival, but, has become the center stage as the largest of whole festivals in the province. This celebration observed every third Saturday in September to honor the patron saint Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Many locals share religious activities throughout the festival where the fluvial procession in the “Mother” image is one highlight. Every year, millions of people visit the Naga to take part in the celebration.

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