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camarines sur

Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything from Travel Camarines Sur, Philippines

Camarines Sur is the biggest territory in the Bicol region. Surrounded by mountains, islands, and large streams, the province has become popular with tourists because of water parks and shores. Known as CamSur, the province tourism industry continues to grow and expected to attract many visitors in coming years.

In recent years, Camarines Sur has grown and, in the middle, is the water sports complex Camsur. In the capital city of Pili, six hectares of water parks are the Philippines’s main destination for tourists. Visitors who practice waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wakeboarding. Each year, it welcomes exciting events, sports water tournaments and various parties.

Travel Camarines Sur, Philippines

The city of Caramoan is popular for its shores. The editions of the international television program Survivor filmed. One of its natural beaches is Gota Beach, impressed day-seekers, and explorers coming from other countries. Its stunning beach combines stone formations and clean blue water. Aside from swimming, sunbathing and sand breaks to enjoy the peace of shoreline leisure activities. Leaping from the island to the Virgin Islands Matukad, Hunogan, and Lahus is a great place recommended to tourists.

Travel Camarines Sur, Philippines

But, still considered the most important highlight in the province occurs every September, the festival of Our Lady of Peñafrancia. Our Lady of Penafrancia is the patron saint of the Bicol province. The processes of the entire capital of Naga in Camarines Sur held. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees belong to this religious movement.

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Camarines Sur is the biggest territory in the Bicol region. Surrounded by mountains, islands, large streams, the province become popular with tourists…

How to go to Camarines Sur

By Air
The most impressive way to Camarines Sur is the wind. Naga Airport, the first airport in the province, in the capital city of Pili. It takes one hour to get there from Metro Manila. Large commercial airlines Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer a day trips to the Naga airport.

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By land
Tourists can take a bus at night in Camarines Sur. Trips in bus companies such as Isarog, Peñafrancia, RSL, and Philtranco are eight hours.

How to navigate?

By Jeep
Jeep in Camarines Sur economical and conventional way to getting the place.

By Tricycles
Tricycles good for long distances. Tricycles in Camarines Sur have larger sidecars and accommodate up to five passengers.

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything from Travel Cam Sur, Philippines

Where to stay?

1. VILLA CACERES HOTEL: the lodge on Magsaysay Boulevard, next to entertainment and restaurant district city of Naga. It is easy by regular public transport routes and free parking for guests arriving at private vehicles.

Travel Camarines Sur, Philippines

Villa Caceres has primary class amenities and services to make your vacation as comfortable. Rolando’s Cafe and Restaurant offers a variety of local and international cuisine. This will satisfy your expectations, while Bistro Roberto entertains a fun and exciting night in the city. Visitors can stay an active and ready during holidays, with the pool, gym and sports amenities at the hotel.

2. AVENUE PLAZA HOTEL: boutique hotel, near the famous Naga River. The Avenue Plaza Hotel is a boutique hotel, inspired modern design, providing elegant and warm habits to its guests.
The hotel is 35-45 minutes by plane or 7-8 hours by bus from Manila. Located in the Magsaysay Avenue district, known as the center of Naga for dinner and entertainment. Cultural attractions are adjacent to the hotel, making this ideal choice for travelers who want to explore the city.

3.THE CARMEN HOTEL: offers the facilities and services of a boutique hotel, including vast and elegant rooms with multiple international hotel conveniences that make sure a comfortable and comfortable stay.
Address: Penafracia Avenue, Naga, Camarines Sur, 4400.

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything from Travel Cam Sur, Philippines

Single Standard

Nagaland Hotel Naga


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