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While in Zambales Philippines: What Things to Do

Things to Do in Zambales

What to See


The rich history and cultural heritage of Zambales can find at many points in its reference. One of the most prominent ancestral home which became a museum of late President Ramon Magsaysay city of Castillejos. You can see a monument and a historical sign of the capital of the province of Iba, his hometown. Stop the head of Apo where the name of the city of Olongapo used. A boy fantasy who explores the wise old man broken head (Head of the Apo).

If you visit Capones Island, be sure to visit the historic lighthouse there. Built-in 1890 and has a remodeled tower. Zambales still has two Roman Catholic churches in Spanish time. The Churches San Andres, Masinloc, and San Agustín. Natural attractions Zambales is the perfect destination for nature lovers. This province inhabited by many natural wonders.

Zambales became a favorite beach destination for visitors to Metro Manila because of its splendid islands and doves. The city of San Antonio visited by its shores, whose white sandbanks are ashes and because of the farm. Fall of Pinatubo in 1991, the Anawangin Cove, Talisay Cove, and Nagsasa Cove. A Waterfowl if you want to swim in the water. If you want a spade that has natural sand, you can go to East Cove. Besides these shores, is the island of Capone, with its famous lighthouse, and the island of Camara, a surfing icon. Be sure to use an island tour if you want to understand these tropical wonders in the city.

Unknown to Zambales has a superb destination for surfing. This includes the beaches of Barangay Liw-Liwa in San Felipe and Crystal Beach in San Narciso…

Things to Do in Zambales

Above the wonders of the coast and the islands of San Antonio. You will likewise amaze the elegant white beaches, the Potipot Island at the town of Candelaria. The coastal seaside of the island of Magalawa in Palauig. Its peace and splendor will please beach bums. Riding a boat from the island of Magalawa the island of San Salvador. Where you can discover a giant clam or a sanctuary in the pool.

Mountaineers happy to know Zambales has amazing mountain trekking tours. Mt. Tapulao, Mt. Five Peaks, and Mt. Growth. Mount Pinatubo discovered due to its catastrophic destruction on June 15, 1991. Considered the second-largest fall of the 20th century.

Remarkable natural wonders of Zambales that have a valuable visit include the fountains of Barangay Sta. Barbara of Iba and Bunga Cave in Candelaria.

Attractions made by humans 
Unknown to Zambales has a superb destination for surfing. This includes the beaches of Barangay Liw-Liwa in San Felipe and Crystal Beach in San Narciso. These areas are superb alternatives to other surf destinations in the country such as La Union and Baler.

Meanwhile, for those who want to try water sports, many in Subic Bay. You can practice waterskiing, parasailing, kayaking, diving, drowning, and or running. While you are in Subic, be sure to visit two family attractions: Zoobic Safari and Ocean Journey.

If you are in San Antonio, you cannot visit Casa San Miguel. Besides its unique nature and unique décor, the Society Heritage Museum has created several important features. The person that can give you knowledge of culture and history, is Brgy. San Miguel, but throughout the municipality of San Antonio.

Events and Feasts

Zambales recognized for its delicious mangoes, so celebrating the Dinamulag Festival, known as the Zambales Apple Festival in Iba. The banquet held every March or April and street parades and many competitions, such as mangoes and mango decorations.

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Meanwhile, the Pundaquit Arts and Festivals are an annual project aimed at assisting the local fishery society. Through music and dance performances and art exhibits of Casa San Miguel Foundation students.

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