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Philippine Visas: For Business and Tourist Purposes

Philippine visas for stays of no over twenty-one (21) days issued at ports of entry. To most nationals for business and tourist purposes. Provided the visitor holds a valid return ticket to the point of origin or port of entry. The next port of destination and your passport are valid for at least six (6) months. After the expected period of stay.

However, immigration officials at the port of entry may exercise discretion. To allow holders of valid passports for sixty (60) days. Beyond the intended period of stay.

Almost everyone gets a 21-day visa on arrival, but you must have an onward or onward ticket.

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In my experience, sometimes immigration agents at the border will ask for onward or return tickets, and sometimes they won’t. However, you should only have one that is safe. A coupling tickets can be air, boat or ferry tickets to destinations other than the Philippines.

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*The following persons may enter the Philippines visa-free for a stay of not over fifty-nine (59) days:

1. Brazilian passport holders; and

2. Israeli passport holders

* The following citizens may enter the Philippines visa-free for up to seven (7) days:

1. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) passport holders.

2. British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders.

3. Holders of Portuguese passports issued in Macau

4. Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) passport holders

Philippine Visas

Philippines visa extension

There are immigration offices in all major cities and several smaller cities across the country. Continue to Immigration to fill out the extension form and pay the fee.

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Please provide copies of your passport, visa, final arrival card, valid period of stay (if applicable). Other relevant documents supporting your application.

I do not recommend you to extend your visa in Manila. The Immigration Bureau is often overcrowded and it may take over 1 day to get an extension.

How long it takes to extend a Philippine visa?

For Unrestricted Citizens, one (1) day using the Expedited Processing Lane and one (1) week using the Regular Processing Lane.

For Restricted Nationals, three (3) days using the Expedited Processing Lane and one (1) week using the Regular Processing Lane.

Maximum visa extension

For unrestricted nationals. The Head of the Visa Extension Section may grant two (2) months for each extension, up to 2 years.

Foreigners holding temporary visitor visa can extend their stay in the country every two months for up to 16 months. Without prior approval from the Immigration Department.

After 16 months, foreigners can still extend their stay for a further 8 months. The head of immigration supervision approves a maximum of 24 months at the office.

For Restricted Nationals, the Chief of the Philippine Visa Extension Section may grant each extension for one (1) month. Up to a maximum of six (6) months.

For restricted nationals, the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner. Have the power to grant a period of stay on the merits of your application.

After one year of stay in the country. The Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner will approve your stay again on the merits of your application.

Business and Tourist

Philippine Visa Extension Application

You may or may not show up. You will seek help from any of the bureau’s approved travel agencies or law firms.

However, you will appear before the head of the visa extension department or any commissioner to clarify your application.

You must submit your application seven (7) days before the expiry of your approved stay

Philippine Basic Visa Types

There are three main types of tourist visas:

  • Fun. For tourists and other tourists in the Philippines. It cannot be used to engage in gainful employment. For business or to take educational courses at any institution of study in the Philippines.
  • Business. The purpose of the temporary stay is to find areas of investment. It does not allow you to engage in any activity that might have considered a form of gainful employment.
  • Health. They awarded it to those who intend to recover from a serious injury or illness. However, the disease must not be contagious or dangerous.

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