Catanduanes Philippines: Explore Pristine Waters and Beaches

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In the eastern part of Luzon, Catanduanes is an island known as “the land of howling winds”. The province is oftentimes on the way of the typhoons and cyclones that visit the country every year. But each day in Catanduanes are dynamic with surfers savoring large waves, beach lovers, the white sandy beaches to explore, and tourists flock to other natural wonders.

Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort is a sanctuary of peace and quiet that city residents will love.
, Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort on the magnificent island of Catanduanes, a province known as a paradise for surfers. This private enclave bordered by famous Pururan Beach offers the amenities and services you need for relaxation.
Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort has a choice of rooms with nothing but heat and comfort. Rooms in traditional country houses, equipped and have practical facilities and facilities ensuring a good night’s rest. Offers home service and help. Guests can enjoy full use of the free Wi-Fi connection at the resort.

Passengers will arrive every year to Pururan Beach, in the months of August to September. This is the chance that the waves are perfect and the surfing activities are at their highest point. Aside from surfing, Catanduanes has amazing views that will give you breathing. The restful waters of Maribina’s waterfalls are perfect for swimming. Visiting the ancient churches of Catanduanes is sure to bring a unique experience. You can leave the beach, surf the surfers to surf the waves or listen to the waves. For those who want to stay at the resort, they can sing the karaoke section or join other lounge guests.

Catanduanes Philippines: Majestic Puraran Beach Resort

Majestic Puraran Beach Resort

The Majestic Puraran is a small, intimate beach resort located directly on the ocean against the backdrop of the tranquility of tropical mountains. We only have six accommodations to ensure you have a very private holiday. We deliberately preserve the loneliness and simplicity of the island’s lifestyle, which is one of the reasons why facilities are so basic. Pristine natural beauty, amazing sunrises, incredible nature walks, boat trips to secluded waterfalls and caves, and of course “Majestic”.

Another attraction in Catanduanes is Maribina Falls. In a secluded place of the municipality of Bato, the cascade of three layers is five meters high…

Enjoy the tranquility of Catanduanes and find friendly and comfortable accommodations at the Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort.

Address: Puraran, Baras City, Catanduanes, Philippines 4803
Access: The plane trip is one hour from Manila to Virac Airport. The land trip is one hour from the Airport to the resort.
Directions & Landmarks: Take a van service from Virac Airport, going to Puraran Beach Resort, Baras town.

RakDell Inn is in Barangay San Pedro, just a five- or 10-minute drive from Virac. It is accessible to any modes of transport. The hotel offers an airport transfer to a more convenient choice.

Due to the extreme winds from the sea, Catanduanes is a popular goal for surfers and bodyboarders. Labeled as “Majestic” in the June publication of Surfer Magazine in 1988 in the United States. Puraran Beach has attracted travelers from around the world because of its tremendous and strong waves that can stand over six feet. Its fantastic beaches are ideal who want to go to the sea.

The Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort is on the fascinating island of Catanduanes, a province renowned for being a paradise for surfers. This private enclave is along the famous Pururan Beach, which offers amenities and services, everything you need to relax and much-needed relaxation.

Catanduanes Midtown Inn

Catanduanes Midtown Inn

Catanduanes Midtown Inn
Catanduanes Midtown Inn
Catanduanes Midtown Inn
Catanduanes Midtown Inn

Catanduanes Midtown Inn
Catanduanes Midtown Inn
Catanduanes Midtown Inn
Catanduanes Midtown Inn


Located in this province of the Bicol region, Catanduanes Midtown Inn is known for its comfortable rooms and modern facilities for discerning travelers. It is located along with Calle San José in the capital Virac, a short drive from the airport and harbor. These comfortable accommodations provide access to some of the main tourist destinations of Catanduanes, thus facilitating the travel of tourists.

Catanduanes Rakdell Inn
Rakdell Inn

Rakdell Inn is located in Barangay San Pedro, just 5 to 10 minutes ’drive from Virac Airport. All modes of transportation can be used. The hotel also provides an airport shuttle service to provide more convenient options.

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Majestic Puraran is a small, intimate resort on the sea in the tranquil setting of tropical mountains. We have only six units; it is a very private stay. Portray loneliness and simplicity of the lifestyle of the island is one reason the facilities are modest.
The the natural and untouched charm of nature, sunrises that give you the breath amazing walks, boat trips to a secluded waterfall and grotto, and the “Majestic”.

For spelunkers, Luyang cave in the municipality of San Andrés has impressive rock formations, inhabited by bats. According to the legend, many people died in the cave after stifling, while the Moro invaders were hiding. Each year a trade fair will recall the event.

Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort
Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort

Pacific Surfers Paradise Beach Resort is located on the charming Catanduanes Island, which is known as Surfers Paradise. This private enclave is also located on the famous Pururan beach and provides you with all the comfort and services necessary for rest.

Balacay Inn
Balacay Inn

Balacay Inn is a budget hotel located in downtown Baras, next to the corporate area. When in town, it provides you with the relaxation you need.

Directions to Catanduanes

By Airplane

Each week Cebu Pacific has four flights to Manila provincial capital Virac. The travel time is an hour.

Travel by Land

You can travel by land from Manila to Virac and San Andres. The journey takes 10 to 12 hours via road to Tabaco Pier, where you must take a ferry Ro-Ro-Catanduanes. The sea voyage takes two hours when San Andres and three and a half when you Virac.

Philippines: Explore Pristine Waters, and Beaches

How to Navigate?

Tricycles and pedicabs
To go walk around Catanduanes, tricycles and pedicabs are the main traffic carriers.

Jeeps and Buses

Jeeps and buses are accessible, in particular when you go from one city to another.

Standard Room


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