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Aklan: Western Visayas Region VI Found The Boracay Beaches

Warm climates and warm, Boracay in Aklan is full of palm trees, white and sleek beaches, crystallized waters like a hypnotic magnet. Small butterfly island in the northwest corner of Panay in the Western Visayas. Can spend a few days on the beach while the evening is a tropical party lifestyle.

The best part of the island the four-kilometer-long white sand beach considered being “the best beach in the world”. Beaches in the Aklan archipelago, the surrounding water is shallow, and the sand is thinner and brighter. Sand beach white superb, and it feels like a few miles of baby talcum powder!

Boracay’s code is informal. An unquestionable relaxed atmosphere on the island, and walking instead of wearing is a rule, not an exception. A fresh look, the dance giving even the swinging club has a beach on the first floor. No complex here. Visitors during the day, enjoy a relaxing massage in the shade of coconut trees by the coast are common sights. A great place to meet from dusk to dawn Boracay in Aklan becomes and everyone can take part. Let’s have a cocktail at sunset!

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Give services to the 350 travel agencies throughout the year they arrange leisure activities, entertainment is not a problem. Plenty of alternative actions to do besides going to the beach or party. The trip, “Mambo 5”: a small sailing and windsurfing, diving, a few walks, a mountain bike, and golf. The eastern side of the island is Bulabog Beach, a sacred place for seafarers. Attracting enthusiasts from all over the world, during the peak season from November to March. The events in January, the International Funboard Cup.

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Aklan: Western Visayas (Region VI) Found The Boracay Beaches

Sailing and kayaking are popular sporting events, and Boracay hosts the annual Paraw Regatta. An international sailing competition that uses native support. Surrounded by islands, the dive site is a learning place for novices and professional divers. Supervised by the head coach of many dive shops in the territory.

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Can go hiking and mountain on the island’s picturesque villages and scenic rocky cliffs. The tourist crowd along the way, overlooking many hidden bays. Golf fans, the Fairway, and Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club has an 18-hole championship course.

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