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Philippines Flights

Philippines Flights Local and International Company

Philippines Flights Local and International Company. Many international airlines operate flights. Two airlines dominate the airline industry in the Philippines:

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Philippines Flights

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The Philippine Airlines is the flag carrier of the Philippines and operates many routes between Asia and North America. Their frequent flyer program is called Mabuhay Miles.

Cebu Pacific Airways is a low-cost airline operating in multiple domestic locations within the Philippines. Multiple international destinations, including Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. Its Clark Airport hub north of Manila and its hub, the destination is Cebu.

Flights offer to the Philippines:
Cathay Pacific is one of the best managed airlines. They offer flights to and from Asia and surrounding regions, from all over the world to the Philippines. The Cathay Pacific has Hong Kong as its hub, and a stopover in Hong Kong is worthwhile. They have a frequent flyer program, the Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club, which you should join Cathay Pacific.

Try with Delta Air Lines and they have provided excellent service and competitive prices from North America to Asia. Delta has frequent flyer programs with over 25 partner airlines and many ways to earn miles. Took advantage of a couple of free flights from Delta to the Philippines and they provided with first class service.

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Spirit of Manila:
Spirit of Manila is the latest Philippine airline. It offers flights from Manila to major countries in Asia and the Middle East.
Air Asia
Korean Air
Malaysia Airlines
Qatar Airways: has 3 flights per week between Cebu and Doha, Qatar via Singapore.
Mandarin Airlines operates between Cebu and Taipei, Taiwan, twice a week.

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates
Hawaiian Airlines flies non-stop to Manila: Hawaiian Airlines (HA) inaugural flight to Manila shows confidence in Philippine airport security.

Etihad Sale from Philippines: Look forward to exploring again

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Philippines Flights