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Unique Culture, Tradition: Only In The Republic of the Philippines

The information you must know the Philippines
Individuals among interest information of the Philippines, you have come to the right place. The information below wherein the Philippines will allow you to cut guesswork when planning a vacation in the Philippines.
Plan to travel or vacation to mean we give you basic information such as the capital, time zone, electricity, holidays. We will best ease the decision.

OK, let’s continue this. What name? An official name we believe the Philippines is the Philippines, this implies correct. The official name, the Republic of the Philippines or the Philippines. This means the same, but we refer to the Republic of the Philippines as the Philippines or the Philippine Islands. Because the Republic of the Philippine has 7,107 islands, so mentioning these islands is adequate. It named the Philippines the Philippine Islands by King Philip II of Spain in the seventeenth century. For more information on Spanish and Filipino, please check here.

Unique Culture, Tradition: Only In The Republic of the Philippines

Information wherein the Philippines is open at a glance. Official language – English and Filipino. What’s interesting is how languages appear, how Filipinos and Filipinos use body language to communicate. We will give you useful information on Filipino. Links to common phrases and people interested in the same information on the history of Tagalog. Capital – Manila. Compare the data of the Philippines with other countries to give you remarkable ideas. The countries I have used are the United States, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Population – in the Philippines

Manila–UTC/GMT + 8 hours. When midday, 12:00, in Manila

Life Expectancy in the Philippines – 68 years

It locates overseas consulates and foreign embassies Many consulates and embassies in the Philippines around the world. If you need specific information on immigration, etc., your best place to start is your local Philippine consulate. We present a list of foreign consulates. So you should be able to find the nearest consulate to your place of residence. Arrived in the Philippines, want to get in touch with your embassy, find them here. Philippine media, newspapers are an integral part of the internal communication of the Philippines. Here you can find reviews of major newspapers. I can give links to these files if you need them.

Unique Culture, Tradition: Only In The Republic of the Philippines

Philippine Festival Filipinos love to celebrate. I guess that’s why they have so many festivals, and around every province has its own festival. Summary of the most famous and largest Filipino festivals, please see here. Philippine flags the biggest and most popular symbol of the Philippines is the national flag. National flags, the pride associated with the Philippine flag is enormous. I bet most of you don’t know what the flag means or what it stands? Look at the data on the Philippine flag.

Philippines Electric Power Lines

The Philippine has 220 volts of electricity and a frequency of 60 Hz or cycles. One of the most common power aspects in the Philippine is Brown Outs, what happens when you lose power. It does not call them power outages in the Philippine. It’s interesting to look at the cables that run from cities and provinces to the poles in every direction. The job you don’t want in the Philippine is the electrician. A very hairy profession.

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If you are carrying electrical equipment, be sure to bring the plug adapter. The plug method in the Philippine is two flat bars. National holidays in the Philippine, many holidays in the Philippines. It arranges throughout the country and everyone likes and others, festivals.

Fixed Public Holidays

1st January – New Year’s Day
25th February – EDSA Revolution Day or PPD People Power Day.
March / April – A Spiritual Week-Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
9th April – Bataan Day or Day of Velour.
1st May – Labor Day.
12th June – Independence Day. Independence from Spain.
Every Last Sunday of August – The National Heroes Day.
1st November – Total Saint’s Day.
30th November – Bonifacio Day.
25th December – Christmas Day.
30th December – Rizal Day.

The geographic location of the Philippine is spectacular. Where can you explore 7,107 tropical white sand islands? Or walking in the mountains?

Makati, National Capital Region, Philippines

The Sari-Sari store is convenient, can find shampoo, cooking oil, beer, children’s candy or mobile phone charging. Sari-Sari store can meet your needs. If you want to buy items in bulk, don’t go to the Sari-Sari store. The Sari-Sari store’s merchandise is a unique buy. If you want cigarettes, not packaging, just cigarettes, go. cockfighting the cockfighting in the Philippine is around a national sport, a bloody sport. It involves every living sector in betting, the financial condition of local families. Its financial position in the region will bear a huge burden. Cockfighting is not for timid people, illegal in most countries, but in the Philippines, it’s not.

Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Manila, Makati, Philippines


Individuals among interest information of the Philippines, you have come to the right place. The information below wherein the Philippines will allow you…

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