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Moving or Retire to the Philippines Correct Decision

Don’t judge twice to move to the Philippines Why? It’s because I live here and proud. The Philippines more suitable place to retire, settle and live for the rest of your life. You made the right decision. Health and medication maintenance are much affordable compared to other countries. This country separated by many Islands but travel is not a problem. One may choose whatever you want to move from one place to another.

There is a “RORO” roll-on roll-off (small ship) that will bring you to other Islands with your car. People are friendly and hospitable. Stay and accommodation, not a big issue since renting a home or hotel are cheap. You may even extend your stay as you want and update your travel papers when extending your stay. Then, get ready now and move straight to this country and have a wonderful stay.

I have a friend from another country that stayed for years, and he wants to share it with anyone. Dedicated to those having a plan but has a second consideration of moving to the Philippines. His writing is a personal experience of what he thought of the Philippines.

First, I point out why you should move to the Philippines or retire in this country. I observed people plan forever. List making, taking notes, collecting data, and doing research but other people do to put nothing. They both believed they were making progress, but they never move from the planning stage to the concluding stage.

Individuals want to move to the Philippines to understand the same purpose. Willing or prepared but not both. Others just demand more time. I need a longer time for a while. Had learned good information on why to move, one might speed up to conclude moving.

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Move To This Country
With a medical care issue and understand how the method implemented. Here, you’re at ease as you can get medications without a prescription. Maybe you had come earlier. Saved more of your medication that cost you more by shipping from overseas. You save because you can get medication without a prescription. The doctor visit will cost about $12.00 for a private hospital. At the public hospital, the cost could be cheaper from $8.00, or become happy for free.

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A nice home in this country cost about $300 a month and a furnished apartment for higher. The smaller unfurnished place is a price for less than $200. This depends on how large the space, and reasonable as $100 a month.

The visitor can stay long-term with a passport. Travelers can enter with a US passport including other western and Asian countries. Visitors may stay for two years. But required to apply for an extension after two months. It helps much if you meet someone and become close before coming here.

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The Philippines more suitable place to retire, settle and live for the rest of your life. You made the right decision. Health and medication maintenance…

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