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Vitalis Villas Ilocos Sur

Vitalis Villas in Ilocos Sur will not ignore. This Santorini-inspired hotel has stucco walls, blue fences. Attentive windows that take you to Greece without leaving Greece by looking. The whole place integrated with Greek architecture. Only five or seven hours from Manila. If you are looking for a wonderful and quiet complex to spend a relaxing holiday here. Head north and admire the beauty of Vitalis Villas in San Diego.

Ilocos Sur Santorini Vitalis Villas located on the hills of Santiago Cove. Santiago, Ilocos Sur, not far from you imagine. Santiago is one of the few cities that must experience when entering the province of Ilocos. Then whether you’re traveling by car or heading north. You’ll see the hotel on the way, especially when heading to Vigan or Laoag.

The Greek charm emanating from Vitalis Vilas is timeless. Once you post your photos at the resort, you will ask my friends if you have left the Philippines for Greece. No one doubts you are still in the country, because this luxury hotel looks a lot like Santorini.

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Ilocos Sur

Upon reaching the resort, you will attract by the rolling white sand beaches. The 900-meter-long coastline. Located on a cliff near a local fishing village. The hotel reminds you of the simple lifestyle of our ancestors a hundred years ago. The whole place is so big that you need to use a golf cart so you don’t get tired when you wander. But, you can always enter their pool at any time. Bringing your family and friends to this beautiful paradise. It finds an ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of San Diego Bay. The Pacific Ocean would be a great choice. The way the ocean turns into different shades of blue is the kind of easy view you need. When the whole place illuminated, the night becomes more beautiful.

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Excellent blue and white accommodation

Vitalis Villas not only enjoy beautiful views in appearance. There is also a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere inside. Vitalis offers your guests customized and unique accommodations. Allow you to experience holidays you never thought possible. A butler assigned to each villa. Once you arrive, they will greet you and assist you if needed during your stay. Its staff is almost 100% from Ilocos, which allows you to experience the hospitality of the locals.

Its elegant and spacious villas covered in white, while Santorini is blue. Vitalis Villas has everything you need, from TV to air conditioning. WiFi connection and the basic elements of the room will meet you. All rooms have a kitchen with kitchenware, a refrigerator, a microwave. Coffee and tea facilities. All you need to bring is utensils and food, and your family vacation is complete. Besides, its room equipped with two sofas in the living area. Which can turn into a sleeping area at night if you travel in groups? Besides these, the latest generation bathrooms are also available. You can also admire the sea view from the villa as all its rooms have a beautiful terrace that opens out to the sea. Accommodation includes breakfast and free use of the pool table. You can also rent a video machine at your place or enjoy its massage and spa services.

Vitalis Villas

Sports and outdoor recreation. Since the hotel is a few steps from the beach. You can enjoy the crystal clear waters and try various water activities. Such as kayaking, water skiing, diving, water skiing, and snorkeling. If you decide to try these activities, Vitalis Villas can provide a new water sports team for you to choose from. If you want to see the view of all Vitalis villas. They have a drawstring facility that starts at the top of the hill and extends to the complex that will pick you up. You will have an incredible view of the entire place.

With enough supervision, your child will also play on the beach, as the waves are usually calm. You can visit the Vitalis Mini Zoo itself and meet Fabio. His miniature Shetland pony, and visit his zebras, camels, and donkeys. After registration, you have the right to enter the zoo for free.

Delicious and delightful dining experience

Vitalis Villas also offers a variety of delicacies through its fisherman boat grill. While admiring the panoramic view of the ocean. You will taste different dishes. Made from meat and seafood from the sea, inspiring your senses. All meals seasoned and grilled to perfection and you should try a ladylike style. From classic Filipino dishes to local and exotic Ilocano cuisine. You can choose Mediterranean food that will meet your appetite. To name a few, its menu includes pita bread, pizza, sauces, and hummus. Bagnet and katuray pizza, Malaga fish, and pasta are some of the hotel’s typical dishes.

Ilocos Sur Vitalis Villas

You can also choose from a wide range of spirits. Craft cocktails and fine wines, while enjoying the magnificent sunset views.

Vitalis Villas is the latest addition to the list of leading hotels and resorts. Managed by ArtStream Hospitality Management Group Incorporated. A group of art hotels that use European art charm in each hotel. Its properties, such as the Rembrandt Hotel in Manila. The Luna Hotel in Vigan, and the Monet Hotel in Baguio, named after well-known artists. Like its related hotels, Villa Vitalis is also named after Macario Vitalis. A visionary painter born in Ilocos Sur, whose work has won awards in France.

So what are you waiting for? Experience world-class accommodation and choose to rest at Villa Vitalis.

Vitalis Villas is a unique addition to Ilocos Sur and a smart choice for travelers. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, stay at Vitalis Villas to make the most of your trip. The facilities and services offered at Villa Vitalis ensure guests have a pleasant stay. Never lose touch with your contacts with free Wi-Fi during your stay. If you need a ride to and from the airport, the resort can arrange this before your check-in date. The resort’s transportation services make exploring the Ilocos Sur so easy.


Sabangan Santiago Cove, Barangay Sabangan, Santiago, Ilocos Sur

Santiago Cove Hotel and Restaurant, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Photo by Rhea Claire Gomez on Unsplash