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Visit Binondo: Most Popular Town In Manila City, The Philippines

Binondo, Manila – The most popular Philippines districts and its attractions

Manila has many attractions that span around 16 districts in the territory. No need to travel to each part of the city to learn about their Filipino culture. To do this, you should visit the 5 most popular regions hosted by any of its most engaging sites.

Binondo, Manila

Binondo Manila. This district is home to Chinese and Filipinos since late 1500 where you find the oldest Chinatown in the world. Full of herbal medicine shops, furniture, jewelry. Binondo Manila, the best place in the country to enjoy the true Chinese cuisine. The most popular delights are the dessert congee of Wai Ying, Dong Bei’s meatballs. A fried pigeon made by President Tea House and Masuki noodles.

Ermita, Manila

In Ermita, you will find many tourist attractions to make preparations. Malate one of the most powerful city in Manila. You may enjoy the attractions that every tourist want. You can walk to Luneta, a park dedicated to the national hero of the country, Dr. José Rizal. Visit the 82-foot acrylic tunnel in the Manila Ocean Park. Surround by shingles, creatures, and other marine animals. If you want to avoid wet weather for a while, you may enter major shopping centers. Most prominent, SM City Manila, and Robinsons Place Manila.

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Binondo Manila, the best place in the country to enjoy the true Chinese cuisine. The most popular delights are the dessert congee of Wai Ying, Dong Bei’s…

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Next to Ermita in Malate, a strong district. One of the most popular destinations for visitors to Manila. The people assume they will survive after sunset. You can witness this by walking around the famous streets of Adriatic and Nakhil. Visiting many bars and restaurants to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city. But, while the sun shining, you can likewise see the main attractions, such as the Manila Zoo.

Intramuros, Manila

Named Walled City, Intramuros is the seat of government during the colonial period of Spain. Its 3-mile circuit wall circuit comprises several establishments open to visitors. Many museums, a House Tsinoy, dedicated to the history of the Chinese-Filipino population and their contributions to the country. You can enter the famous churches, such as San Agustin and Manila Cathedral. If you move, you can choose a gig (horse-drawn carriage) or just walk.

Sampaloc, Manila

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Sampaloc, the site of many universities, and colleges. The University of Santo Tomas, 400 years old, is Asia’s most prestigious university, here. Blocks from the university are Recto avenue, a place to find second-hand books and other cheap items. And, after a few yards, bring you to another famous city interest. The Church of San Sebastian, the only church in Asia. It is part of a university campus with the name of the same patron saint.