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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, or SEA, is the geographic region of Southeast Asia, comprising regions. Located south of mainland China, east of the Indian subcontinent, and north of Australia. Northeast Asia borders East Asia. To the west are South Asia and the Bay of Bengal. The Pacific Ocean to the east is Oceania. To the south are Australia and the Indian Ocean.

Except for two of the 26 atolls in British India Ocean Territory and the Maldives in South Asia. The Southeast Asia waters are the only sub-region in Asia that is part of the southern hemisphere. Southeast Asia in the Northern Hemisphere. East Timor and southern Indonesia are the only parts south of the equator.

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In contemporary definitions, Southeast Asia comprises two subregions:
*Mainland Southeast Asia, also known as the Indochina Peninsula, includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
*The Southeast Asia sea comprises the Malay Archipelago, including Brunei, East Malaysia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

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They sometimes include Taiwan in Southeast Asia and East Asia but are not a member of ASEAN. Likewise, similar arguments apply to parts of southern mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and Macau. You can also consider parts of Southeast Asia and East Asia. But they are not members of ASEAN.

Southeast Asia

Near the intersection of geological plates, the area has strong seismic and volcanic activity. The Sunda Plate is the main plate in the region, covering almost all countries in Southeast Asia. Northern Thailand, northern Vietnam, and northern Luzon in the Philippines are exceptions.

The mountains of Myanmar, Thailand, and Peninsular Malaysia are part of the Alpide belt. The isles of the Philippines are parts of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Both seismic zones are located in Indonesia, leading to a higher incidence of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the region. Especially in the Philippines and Indonesia.


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