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Screen printing t-shirts and your business promotion

Screen printing t-shirts and your business promotion. Screen-printed T-shirts are popular for those who want to commemorate certain events (such as graduation or parties). Those who want to make political or fashion speeches. T-shirts come in various colors and designs. Can mention the names of concerts, companies, sports teams, restaurants, supermarkets, buildings, children’s camps, stadiums, churches, or school events. If you look for shirts, printed shirts almost everywhere.

Although screen printing looks like a modern invention, this idea is wrong. This service was first developed in China around 1000 AD. The printing method spread to Japan and other Asian countries. However, this method not used! It introduced screen printing to Europe in the late 18th century. Again, irregular wear and of course, they have not considered silk-screened T-shirts.

Samuel Simon applied for a patent for the screen printing process in 1907. It used to design high-quality wallpaper, linen, silk, and other fabrics.

Most used only for industrial technical reasons. This type of printmaking became popular with the public after artists started using the technique in the 20th century. The Marilyn Monroe artwork by artist Andy Warhol made this technique popular. Today, they used this service for artistic and commercial reasons. It used to print images on many types of materials, including posters, DVDs, metallic paper, and wood. Screen-printed shirts are very popular and wear by people of all ages.

Screen printing t-shirts

Grin Cat Creepy Coffee
Grin Cat Creepy Coffee ₱430

It makes the screen of a woven fabric called a mesh. The material stretches on a wooden frame. They locked the screen area to form a template for the image to print. The screen placed on a material such as paper. They place the ink on the screen and pressed to dye the fabric in certain patterns. Nowadays, spin dyeing is the most used method of pressing dye into fabrics when printing T-shirts.

screen printing
Fox Kid Creepy Coffee ₱450

Screen printing is environmentally friendly because we can reuse the screen after cleaning. The screen no longer used for a particular print run. You can clean the screen and then use the screen again or use it in other print jobs.

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In short, we can use printing for almost any type of company or entity to promote your business.