Java Hotel Laoag, Ilocos Norte Luzon Philippines



First-class accommodation and service provider.

The Java Hotel may be a four-star hotel, but this does not prevent it from providing first-class services and facilities. Since its inception in 2007, it has never stopped a paradise for peace and relaxation for those who want to retire from Ilocos. In addition to lush accommodation and world-class facilities, it offers a satisfying combination of home atmosphere and is the ideal home away from home for your business trip.

In addition to the full range of features and services, Java Hotel offers every visitor a unique experience never before is seen. Its special concept distinguishes it from other hotels in Laoag. This place combines Balinese and Moroccan ambiance with Spanish-inspired architecture, perfect for those who love international destinations. With the staff of Ilocano for all the guests, it seems to be the ideal choice for everyone. to ranslate


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