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The Courchevel ski holiday is to skiing what Marks and Spencer are to buying food. Built on the perfect combination of good snow, changeable terrain, wonderful accommodation, extraordinary food, and vibrant nightlife. Courchevel remains one of the four major ski resorts. Not to mention its connection with the mighty Three Valleys ski area.
Although they built the accommodations in Courchevel, especially the ski huts in Courchevel. In most cases constructed to match the mountain. Composed of four independent village resorts, each station has its personality and sponsors.

The free bus service ends from the picturesque village of Le Praz (1300), passing through the village of Courchevel (Courchevel 1550). Passing through Courchevel Moriond (old Courchevel 1650). To the highest village of Courchevel (known as Courchevel) Courchevel 1650) such as Courchevel 1850). Most cosmopolitan town in the Three Valleys and one of the best luxury resorts in the world. The gorgeous Courchevel may look more like Harrods’ food court than M&S. Elegant and expensive, with unique restaurants, shops, and bars, this is a snowy courtyard for the rich and famous.

Courchevel Moriond is quieter, with an old city center, lively bars, and comfortable Courchevel chalets. The Courchevel Village and Le Praz are much quieter and more suitable for families, with some quaint bars and restaurants.

Courchevel ski holiday is for everyone. But one thing that this class of resort brings is that the price is as high as the peak. In Courchevel (before 1850), almost everything will cost you. But you go, the lower the price, the smarter the price becomes.

For lunch on the mountain, they recommend it to go down to Meribel or Val Thorens to enjoy affordable meals. But gourmets will find that choosing good food is a limit in the sky. Of course, if you have heard of the legend of Courchevel. Then the world and it is St. Bernard must have also learned of it. But there is nothing better than a ski holiday in Courchevel for traversing slopes and savoring the good life.

France Ski Holiday

Accommodation: Hotel

Hotel Fahrenheit Seven, Courchevel



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