Aklan Beachfront Resort Visayas

Beachfront Resort: The Rose Pike Boracay, Station 3

Rose Pike @ Boracay is a beachfront resort in a quiet station on White Beach 3. Every room decorated with modern amenities. A cozy atmosphere creates a…

Foods Philippines

Eat Foods Well While on Long Distance Travel

A favorite restaurant. Given a tip to a restaurant that attends regional favorite foods. A right way to improve travel experience with real local taste…

Own Country Philippines

Five Reasons Traveling Own Country

Travel with partners or by yourself is big challenge. Because travel not limited beyond the borders of own country. Become a tourist in your land or city…

Accessories Backpackers

The Genuine Backpackers Advice Ever Get Online

Genuine Backpackers Advice Now, many you’ll get what you pay. It means that when you spend a fortune for a product; you get with the high quality. Using wonderful backpacks because you won’t have to pick it many times will save your cash. That is why we spent tons of time sort and to locate […]

Extra Fees Save Money

Vacation: How to Avoid Hidden Extra Fees

Important to budget carefully your travel, but it can be tough when there are so many hidden extra fees imposed on travelers these days. Here important…

Accessories Philippines

Traveler Safety Gear & Accessories

Safety Gear and Accessories Frequent traveler develops a practice, figuring out what safety gear and accessories they need on their trips. Sometimes little items make a big exception. After countless miles traveling around the world. Many safety gears and accessories that make trips easier, smoother, safer, and more comfortable. Safety Gear and Accessories Travel Steamer. […]

Cebu Malapascua Island

Cebu Malapascua Island: Experience Their Fabulous Beaches and Resorts

Cebu Malapascua Island. As you pass through Cebu, you will feel at home to the legendary water sports and resorts of Malapascua. They offer quality accommodation and first class service.

Aklan Apartments

Boracay, Niu Ohana East Bay Apartments Caticlan, Malay, Aklan

On Bulabog Beach, Niu Ohana East Bay Apartments a 15-minute walk from D’Mall and the famous white sand beach. This complex is not only suitable for winds…

Boracay Boutique Hotel

Boracay Aklan Hampstead Boutique Hotel

In Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Hampstead Boutique Hotel. A hilltop hotel offering comfortable rooms and a tranquil atmosphere. Offer resting in a hut…

The Philippines

Tour To The Philippines | Experience Stunning Three Geographical Divisions Island

Philippines travelers remains a safe and fun destination. Travelers and tourists who spend holiday vacation. Philippines tourist can experience natural…